When I was actively practicing naval architecture and yacht design, I established a number of working relationships with boat builders, mast builders, custom fabricators, naval architects, boat designers, yachting and boating magazines, and other professional organizations around the country and around the world such as are listed below. Of equal importance, and for that which I am most proud, are the websites of my family listed at the end.

Boat Builders

  1. Van Dam Custom Boats: http://www.vandamboats.com
  2. New England Boatworks: http://www.neboatworks.com
  3. Custom Steel Boats: http://www.customsteelboats.com
  4. Goetz Composites: http://goetzboats.com
  5. Carolina Houseboats: http://www.carolinahouseboats.com/

Mast Builders & Custom Fabricators

  1. Composite Engineering/Van Dusen Racing Boats: http://www.vandusenracingboats.com
  2. Harry Proa: http://harryproa.com
  3. Etamax Engineering: http://www.etamax.com.au
  4. Composite Solutions: http://www.csi-composites.com
  5. Competition Composites: http://www.fastcomposites.ca/site
  6. Clear Carbon and Components: http://clearcarbon.com
  7. GMT Composites: http://www.gmtcomposites.com

Naval Architects, Boat Designers, & Graphic Artists

  1. Geoffrey Van Gorkom, Van Gorkom Yacht Design: http://www.vgyd.com
  2. John Marples, Searunner Multihulls: http://www.searunner.com
  3. T.J. Perrotti, Perrotti Performance Design: http://www.perrottidesign.com
  4. Steve Burke, Burke Design Composite Engineering: http://www.burkecompositeengineering.com
  5. Paul Fuchs, Paul Fuchs Yacht Design: http://www.pfna.com
  6. Grant Robinson, Grant Robinson Marine Design: http://www.grantrobinsonmarinedesign.com


  1. New Wave Systems, developers of ProSurf hull design software: http://www.newavesys.com


  1. Professional Boatbuilder: http://www.proboat.com
  2. International Boatbuilder Exhibition (IBEX): http://www.ibexshow.com

Colleges & Schools

  1. University of Michigan, Dept. of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering: http://name.engin.umich.edu
  2. The Landing School: http://www.landingschool.org
  3. Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology: http://www.westlawn.edu

Professional Organizations

  1. Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers: http://www.sname.org
  2. Royal Institution of Naval Architects: http://www.rina.org.uk
  3. American Boat & Yacht Council: http://www.abycinc.org

Useful Boat Design & Building Websites

  1. BoatDesign.net: http://www.boatdesign.net/forums
  2. WoodenBoat Forums: http://forum.woodenboat.com

My Family

  1. My wife, Arliss Ryan, novelist: https://arlissryan.com
  2. My daughter, Kira Woodmansee, web designer & graphic artist: https://halfsparkle.com
  3. My son, Dane Sponberg, photographer: http://www.raftermen.com